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Movies For Hackers

02 Mar 2017

What is it?

Every aspiring hacker & cyberpunk must watch these movies!

sortable, web-based version of the impressive curated list from Nikolaos Kamarinakis

Movies For Hackers


I stumbled across the curated list and wished it were possible to sort the movies by imdb ratings because well, as good as Wargames was, I’m pretty darn certain no-one ought subject themselves willingly to the sequel.

Moreover, it was a perfect excuse to learn something new - in this case, React.



To make sure the list is nice and fresh, it’s a fork of the original project that can pull in the updated list of movies with a single command whenever necessary and keep it safely local.

From within a simple React app, the markdown file is ajaxed in, parsed all to heck into an array of objects and outputted as necessary as a sortable table.

Have a glance at the source if you wish but don’t judge me too harshly, it was a super quick <2 hour project.

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