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Rickety Morty Quadcopter 3.5"

21 Jan 2018

What is this?

A Quadcopter with lovingly designed and printed frame in ABS. It’s rickety AF, but a fun project nevertheless.

Relatively large (up to 3.5” prop) yet designed to be flyable indoors; made out of small components for replaceability.

I printed it with ABS, thick and strong. That said, it’s quite rickety and shaky. I think a good collision would smash it to pieces so wouldn’t necessarily recommend making one yourself. Was super fun to design and build myself though!

Key Ingredients

I used BR1407 motors and an 850mAh 3S 65C battery which easily lifts it, but as it’ll never be comparable to a carbon fibre frame.


Check out the thingiverse 3D design files if you’re interested.

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