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28 Jun 2017

What was it?

A music event listing page for Sheffield, with map markers for upcoming gigs.


There weren’t any websites that list rock music gigs in this way, certainly not for the Sheffield area specifically. And possibly more significantly, it was a great opportunity to try my hand at working with Angular, learning TypeScript and Promises.



The SongKick API is queried and, by way of promises, uses the JSON data returned to create detailed listings and map markers. Then, it daringly (if a little rickety) zooms in on the area.


At time of writing, it doesn’t handle map marker clicks and a few other bits and pieces like filters that I wish to improve upon in future but I hit rather large snags with APIs that halted development.

Specifically that I originally used the BandsInTown API but it turned out that they literally don’t have a way to search by location but only by specific artist. Aaaand there’s no way to retrieve an exhaustive list of artists, which all seems bonkers to me so I switched to SongKick..

SongKick however, is much more suitable for my purposes but hugely disappointingly, they don’t appear to store any genre information about the artists/performances so.. for Rock Sheffield, that’s pretty darn inconvenient.

In the end the project was put out to pasture, but (partly) helped me interview for a job at the time!

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