Professional Front End Engineer. Unprofessional tinkerer.


14 Aug 2019

Ghouls! Frickin ghouls everywhere, just my luck! Well, I best hop in this here spinning-top, blade-encrusted tank and start slashy smashin’.

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This game was built entirely by myself from scratch for LOWREZJAM 2019 in a week, including all music, physics, graphics* etc and is completely open source!

This is my very first game jam submission and was a brilliant challenge - to build a game with a true resolution of 64x64 - forcing my coding to improve and encouraging a fast-and-loose development style fitting with a jam so as to, you know, actually complete a side-project for once!

  • The renderer itself is Pixi.js (a library underneath Phaser), which I can’t claim to have built ^_-
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